KareCall Overview

All Your Patient Needs Is a Phone

Karecall is a ‘virtual caregiver’ that assists home healthcare providers
 by calling their patients and having a telephone conversation with them about how they are feeling. If our KareCall ‘phone robot’ hears an answer that is concerning, we are able to alert the agency clinician that helps care for them.

An Aging Baby Boomer Population

It is no secret; none of us are outrunning father time. We are all getting older, whether we like it or not. For some, that means getting their driver’s license or voting for the first time. For others, like the current Baby Boomer generation, it means retirement. And with retirement — for our mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers, and friends — this means an increase in the potential for health issues. Like aging, an increase in health problems is an unfortunate fact of life for many people entering retirement age.

The Private Pay Home Health Care industry is a wonderful resource for many in this population, and it is growing at an extremely fast rate; over 8,000 persons per day are currently retiring from the Baby Boomer generation. A very significant portion have the desire to “age in place”, preferring this private Home Care to institutional care such as assisted living or living with their children. Many have purchased Long Term Care Insurance to help with the cost of in-home careBut it is projected that future needs will far outstrip the availability of home caregivers and we believe that automation will be a vital component of the Home Care continuum,


Where KareCall Comes In

We believe we are the missing connector for an industry that largely remains small and private. Our goal is to supplement these Home Health Care agencies with our electronic services and give them the opportunity to develop new sales and extend the relationship patient life-cycle by bringing patients into their eco-system before they need in-home caregivers. We believe KareCall disrupts the traditional method and timing of intake and revenue stream. Your investment will help us bring our unique, low-cost service to Private Pay Home Care agencies and help increase the health and well-being of their current and future patients!

Development Stage

Our Technology is running and ready to produce revenue. This proven technology has serviced large hospital and other clinical populations for over 10 years. Our marketing effort requires some website completions, and we need to hire and train our sales representatives who will initially be offering our services to Home Care Agencies. We believe that we will be selling in approximately 90 days after we complete this financing round for our Pilot Program.

Why KareCall

I became alarmed at the trend of rising home caregiver wages and the struggle for Private Pay Agencies to achieve sufficient margins as well as the growing caregiver shortage. I saw technology applied to the administrative and back-end segments of the business, but no new services to help serve patients and contribute to revenue and margins. While the industry recognizes the coming tsunami of new patients, it is faced with diminishing high-value legacy patients in their late 80s and 90s that are in their last phase of life.

As aging in-home patients require more attention, I have experienced push back from payers such as patients and family to hold out as long as possible when adding more expensive daily caregiver hours. We believe KareCall allows an Agency to extend its service to existing patients without adding in-home hours to accomplish the oversight that provides better patient monitoring and helps to avoid hospitalizations.

In addition, we believe KareCall is the perfect way to begin new relationships with older patients who may need touch points in their lives for monitoring their medical conditions but are not yet ready for in-home caregivers. These new patients may be likely to evolve into in-home care clients as their aging in place cycle continues through the years.

~ Jeffrey Chaskin, CEO KareCall


While much is being accomplished to promote telemedicine in general for the large populations of hospitals and commercial health insurance, Private Pay is a niche’ because each agency patient population is small. We believe creating an easy, inexpensive method of staying in touch with an agency’s population is important in promoting better patient outcomes as it is to hospitals and other large facilities. Our subsequent offerings include other specialty medical practice groups such as addiction/behavioral health and neonatal and postpartum conditions.

Product Features

A 2-minute phone call allows an Agency to assess patient health and compliance with medications.

  • KareCall enables regular check-in calls to patients with an engaging and empathetic approach to help better manage long-term care and chronic conditions.
  • KareCall asks simple questions in a conversational manner to gather information about physical & emotional well-being, checks for medication adherence, and assists with patient management. No smartphone, training, or special hardware is required.
  • KareCall uses a library of Branching Logic (BL) conversations in combination with voice recognition technology to interview and assess ongoing acute and long-term health issues such as overall wellbeing, diabetes, cardiac issues, COPD and other health conditions.
  • Agencies assign and run KareCall automated caregivers on a regular schedule, with the results and alerts sent to the Agency nurse or other designated recipients such as physicians, caregivers and family members.

More Key Product Features

  • Easy to use & implement
  • HIPAA compliant & secure
  • Increased quality of care through increased contact with patient
  • Reduced hospital admissions
  • Low cost subscription and usage based pricing
  • Automated patient interface requires nothing but a telephone
  • Customizable and flexible questions, alerts, communication methods.
  • Automated processes with “Response Driven” follow-up technology

The Market is Ready for KareCall

According to Leading Home Care, private pay home care is greater than a $32 billion market that is growing rapidly. By 2020 , 56 million Americans will be 65 and older, by 2025 that number will be 84 million. Nearly 70% of Americans who reach 65 will be unable to care for themselves at some point without assistance. Nine out of 10 Americans 65 and older want to stay at home for as long as possible, and 80% think their current home is where they will always live. 

Home Care Agencies have small patient populations, based on the number of agencies and the average revenue. The “Big Tele-Health” companies serve large patient populations.  But the small patient populations of the approximate 26,000 Private Pay Agencies agencies have not yet harnessed the power of telehealth software and technology. They are losing margin in part to increased labor costs. We believe we have found a way for them to recapture some of these margins, lower their customer acquisition costs, and extend their customer life-cycle.